"SecuReach has cut down our follow-up from approximately 15% of our practitioner's time to closer to 5% ... this has been an almost $40,000 savings in the first year, not to mention freeing up NP time to provide revenue producing services. In addition, our customer satisfaction has greatly increased!


Set up was simple. The system is easy to use and can be easily modified to fit your affiliate's specific needs such as using multiple languages so you can reach all your customers. The Daily Alerts are very helpful and the fact that designated SuperUsers can view all of your site's activites, from the convenience of the main office, or even their home ... is fantastic".


-Triste Brooks, CEO

PPHD of Greater Northern New Jersey

• Reduce phone tag, spend more time with patients

• Actively engage patients

• Make 25 outbound calls in the same time you make 2 outbound calls today

• You can personalize the SecuReach message library with over 100 messages

• Consistency for the significant amount of routine medical communication sent every day to your patients