"SecuReach has cut down our follow-up from approximately 15% of our practitioner's time to closer to 5% ... this has been an almost $40,000 savings in the first year, not to mention freeing up NP time to provide revenue producing services. In addition, our customer satisfaction has greatly increased!


Set up was simple. The system is easy to use and can be easily modified to fit your affiliate's specific needs such as using multiple languages so you can reach all your customers. The Daily Alerts are very helpful and the fact that designated SuperUsers can view all of your site's activities, from the convenience of the main office, or even their home ... is fantastic".


-Triste Brooks, CEO, PPHD of Greater Northern New Jersey




"SecuReach has been a tremendous time saver for our practice--no more playing phone tag to notify patients of their results.  Patients and staff love the ease of use of the system and the always helpful and pleasant SecuReach Customer Service support.  We have found we have more time for the important things in our practice--our patients".


-Judy Adamich PA-C, Office Manager, UHMP Euclid Internal Medicine, Euclid, Ohio




“No news is good news is not an acceptable practice regarding test results for patients.  SecuReach provides a way of notifying patients that is satisfying for both the physician and the patient. It takes literally seconds to document a message to a patient, and the patients like hearing the physician’s voice. SecuReach is worth every penny to me”.


-Mike Berumen, MD, FACOG, Eastside OB/GYN, Fort Smith, Ark.




“We have been extremely pleased with SecuReach Systems. I do all of Dr. Vick's lab and test call backs for him.  SecuReach has made this simple and very time efficient for me.  I used to play phone tag with patients for days to give them results. SecuReach has cut down on my call back time and made my life a lot easier”.


-Alesia, Office Manager, George W. Vick, MD, Knoxville, TN




“This system is great. I was able to get the information for my new prescription and start taking my new medication over the weekend instead of waiting until Monday”.


-Ernie, Patient, University Hospitals Medical Practices




“In one fell swoop, SecuReach has allowed me to personally and efficiently call patients with their test results, track ordered tests and consults, and protect me from potential liability. It has been an amazing boon to my practice.  I would never practice without this resource”!!


- Kristin Nigro Kranz, MD, Family Medicine Associates




"We are constantly introducing new technology into the office that is supposed to make us more efficient. More often than not-there is very little time saved or even additional work associated with the new technology. SecuReach is the first technology that actually DOES save us time. In Internal Medicine-it is very important to communicate test results to patients whether the labs are normal or not. Phone tag is virtually eliminated with SecuReach and most patients LOVE that their results are getting communicated to them much faster".


-Helen L. Rizi, MD, UHMP Center for Internal Medicine


“SecuReach has revolutionized my office. My staff loves that patients call less frequently with questions, patients love the ease of use and I love being able to not only follow up on testing, but also the improved efficiency of my time. Prior to SecuReach, I was always playing phone tag and taking a lot of time repeating myself with explanations to different patients about their abnormal paps, for example. Now, with a click of a button, I have all the same information available for my patients and it has saved me so much time. I have fewer questions about their testing, and they just call and schedule what they need. My patients also have peace of mind about all their test results, including the normal ones! SecuReach is so easy for me to use and has saved me a lot of valuable time”.


-Sandhia Varyani, MD, University Hospitals Women’s Care, OB/GYN


“I have found SecuReach to be invaluable to my practice. SecuReach is a reliable way to ensure that test results are delivered to patients. SecuReach has totally eliminated the time consuming act of trying to track down patients to inform them of test results. Patients are very pleased with the system and find it easy to use. They like the reliable delivery of their test results as well as the friendly reminders of their scheduled appointments. I would recommend SecuReach without hesitation.”


-Linda T. Swan, MD, OB/GYN



"Going from three phone lines to one made a major impact on voicemail messages. Once we started using SecuReach our voicemail messages cut down enormously. We no longer have to contact patients with results freeing up much needed time to do other important tasks. Thank you for this service".


-Teresa Cruz, Health Center Coordinator, Jean Shehan Family Planning Clinic,Miami, Florida